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SF Leírás & Információk
« Dátum: 2023. November 03. »
VnF Hosting által magyar nyelvre állítva alapból.

Ingame: admin/123456789

Aliases and it's commands:
start      cd /usr/metin2/server && sh
close      cd /usr/metin2/server && sh
clean      cd /usr/metin2/server && sh
backup      cd /usr/metin2/server && sh
questcompile   cd /usr/metin2/server/share/locale/english/quest && python2.7
dbclean      cd /usr/metin2/src/server/db/src && gmake clean
dbdep      cd /usr/metin2/src/server/db/src && gmake dep
dbcompile   cd /usr/metin2/src/server/db/src && gmake -j9
gameclean   cd /usr/metin2/src/server/game/src && gmake clean
gamedep      cd /usr/metin2/src/server/game/src && gmake dep
gamecompile   cd /usr/metin2/src/server/game/src && gmake -j9

Video about installing the serverfile and changing the language:

- Fixed flame dungeon quest, map (fully tested)
- Fixed flame map's server_attr (it had the old without flame dung. entrance)
- Added Soul Crystal, Saphire, Garnet, Rubin Smaragd Alchemist serverside
- Added the new bonuses: RESIST_DARK, RESIST_ICE, RESIST_EARTH
- Added missing refine_proto rows for newer things
- Added Jae Seon Kim stuff to cube.txt
- Added guild lands to database (map1, map3, guild_village)
- Added 'DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY','BELT_INVENTORY' to the item table
- Fixed database missing/wrong columns
- Added 6-7 bonus add & switch item to proto
- Fixed dragon soul item's item range in proto

- Fixed Sell bug when it displayed other items
- Fixed Demon's catacomb map and Azrael model
- Fixed Demon tower atlasinfo (black screen)
- Added Soul Crystal, Saphire, Garnet, Rubin Smaragd Alchemist clientside
- Fixed Baby Azrael Pet animations
- Fixed Dragon Soul refine settings
- Fixed "Error While Connecting to Server" message not shown when server off
- More transparent trading window prices 99999999 -> 9.999.9999
- Beta map's skybox switched from low textures to higher textures (still official)
- Fixed char select visual status bug (it will display the actual values)
- Switched the login.jpg to a new one (I left the old one next to there)
- Enabled older loading screens too, you can find them at uiloading.eix-epk.
- Corrected some icons for pets
- Added icon for OX (animal) armors (11000, 11010, 11020, 11030)